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Specialist Disability Accommodation Explained

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) refers to a wide variety of housing adapted for those with very high needs or extreme functional impairment. The idea behind SDA is to make essential supports more accessible.

SDA fall under the Redlands NDIS Services umbrella. It’s one of a range of supported living services available to those with high support needs. Read on to find out more about SDA and how you can apply for it.

How Specialist Disability Accommodation Works

SDA typically involves living with a small number of others in a shared home. However, people can sometimes live in SDA on their own if that’s the best option for meeting their individual circumstances and needs.

What’s Included?

Supported disability accommodation funding covers the cost of the building or home you’ll live in. However, you will normally have to pay rent, contribute to utilities and settle other personal expenses to live in SDA. SDA does not include the supported living services you may need at home.

SDA is not appropriate for everyone with a disability. It is for those with very high needs who may, for instance, require specially adapted homes and a lot of one-on-one support.

If you already live in your own home, you can find out more about supported living services and home care with Empowered To Care.


Empowered To Care Ltd can help you work this out by directing you to available NDIS information that details the criteria involved. We can also assist you in applying for SDA by helping you complete the NDIS Home and Living Supports Request Form.

We are all unique individuals, and so some types of home and living supports might suit one person but not another. SDA is just one of many support options out there.

The NDIS decides on eligibility based on the answers to the three questions below:

Do You Have Very High Support Needs or an Extreme Functional Impairment?

You may fall into one of these categories if you have great difficulty performing daily tasks by yourself or are unable to perform them at all.

The NDIS will examine and assess your needs. If you require a lot of support from another individual to carry out daily tasks, it may agree that you have an extreme functional impairment. Any support you already receive would be in addition to assistive technology or other home modifications you may have.

Daily tasks include:

Mobility: being able to get out of the house, climbing stairs, walking, getting in and out of a chair or your bed or moving items.

Self-Care: talking, taking medication, using the toilet, cleaning yourself, putting on clothes, drinking and eating.

Self-management: performing housework, sticking to routines, developing friendships and relationships, managing behaviour and maintaining boundaries.

It’s possible that family and friends are unable to maintain the level of support you need. SDA may also reduce risks to both yourself and others. The NDIS will work out what is right for you, and may need to consult other professionals to reach their conclusion.

Do You Have a Specialist Disability Accommodation Needs Requirement?

 The NDIS will need to decide if SDA, along with other supports, will give you a better future. They will weigh up if SDA:

  • Enhances your functional capacity or stops it from deteriorating
  • Reduces reliance on other supports in the future
  • Brings about improved connections with others

The NDIS has to conclude that SDA offers value for money. It will wish to assess whether it will enable you to pursue your goals in life. It will want to ensure that there aren’t other options available that might benefit you more.

Does Specialist Disability Accommodation Meet the NDIS Funding Criteria For You?

 As with all other kinds of support, the NDIS can only pay SDA if it meets its own funding criteria for your support needs. It will want to be sure that there aren’t other better options. The specific areas it will focus on are these:

  • The impact on the pursuit of your life goals
  • The benefits to you
  • The effectiveness of all kinds of support for you
  • Value for money
  • Who should be funding your support
  • Whether others may come to harm

Redlands NDIS will investigate all these focus areas in detail. For example, it may want to assess whether SDA will improve functional capacity and help you learn new skills.

It may also want to assess whether SDA will reduce your reliance on other supports and establish whether other government or community services are more appropriate sources of funding. Empowered To Care Ltd can help you understand all the details involved in the process.

A Design For Living

Empowered To Care Ltd is an SDA provider offering quality homes aimed at meeting the requirements of those with very high support needs or extreme functional impairment.

The design of our homes has been carefully thought through. We are proud of our commitment to making support services more accessible and tailored to your goals.

Some individuals, for instance, may need easily visible floors and walls. They may also be unable to use stairs or require living spaces where support workers can keep a close eye on them.

We adhere to the four design categories outlined by the NDIS. These are:

  • Improved Liveability, e.g. for those with sensory or cognitive impairments
  • Full Accessibility
  • Homes that are well-built and robust
  • A high level of available physical support

Some individuals may need a ceiling hoist or home automation and communication technology. They may be reliant on having a backup power supply. Empowered To Care Ltd only offers housing that has built-to-last quality. The homes are durable, reducing the need for future maintenance and repairs.

There are four key NDIS building types. These are:

  • Apartments, self-contained units in a larger building
  • Townhouses, duplexes and villas
  • Houses, detached low-rise buildings
  • Group homes for four or five residents

We will work with the Redlands NDIS to work out the most appropriate SDA for you and your needs.

The Right Specialist Disability Accommodation For You

We are proud to partner with Redlands NDIS Services and offer first-class supported living services for individuals with a range of disabilities. Let us help you through the SDA process so that you can achieve your life goals.

Get in touch with one of the team at Empowered To Care today and start your journey to a more fulfilled and brighter future.

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