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Understanding NDIS Home Care Services

You may need support with daily tasks and activities. You might also have specific care needs or be moving back home after a hospital stay. If so, our NDIS Home Care Services are there for you.

But what happens if you have very complex needs or perhaps just need a little companionship? Let’s dig a little deeper into Home Care Services in the Redlands. Find out all the finer details as we explain the range of Redlands NDIS Services we offer.

Who Can Benefit from NDIS Home Care Services?

We’ve designed our NDIS Home Care Services so we can tailor them to those who may have medical conditions, need assistance with personal care or just a bit of company. All the while, we have to adhere to the mandate set by the NDIS itself.

At Empowered To Care, we’ve come up with a broad range of Home Care Services to ensure you can:

  • Keep to your normal daily routines
  • Enjoy being in your own home
  • Receive the required support to reach your goals

Compassion is a word you will hear a lot in the description of our Home Care Services in the Redlands. It starts with our team of support workers. They are there to help with daily activities, take care of individual care needs and give you the flexibility to access the support you need when you need it.

Our In-Home Care Services

We tailor these to your unique needs and personal space. We can provide care for a range of conditions. For example, we can care for those with epilepsy and support seizure management. We can also help with diabetes management by monitoring blood sugar levels and supporting medication adherence.

Our team works alongside health professionals to manage support for those with behavioural concerns. Our highly trained carers have a range of strategies to create a comfortable and calm environment through the NDIS Home Care Services we provide.

Some of those we care for need peg-feeding tubes to make sure they get the nutrition they need and stay appropriately hydrated. Our team members have the skill set to support those with these or other complex care needs, ensuring their well-being and safety at all times.

We can also care for those with less visible conditions, such as anxiety and depression. Some may have a combination of other care needs on top of that. Our goal is to help them cope with the support of our compassionate team.

Hospital to Home Care

If you’re making the transition back home after a stint in hospital, you may need extra support at such a critical time. This is essential to ensure a successful and safe recovery. Empowered To Care offers a range of intensive Hospital-to-Home Care services to help make the transition run as smoothly as possible.

We will always start by getting to know you so that we can develop a care plan that suits your particular needs and address your recovery goals. You won’t be on your own as our support workers can provide companionship while you recover to mitigate feelings of loneliness.

On a practical level, we can safely transport you from your care facility back home. Once you’ve settled in, we’ll get help with everyday tasks like:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Housekeeping running errands
  • Picking up prescriptions

Building up your strength will be crucial to make your recovery as speedy as possible. We offer meal preparation services so that you get the right nutrition in nourishing meals.

We also provide emotional support and reminders about rehabilitation exercises to help you regain confidence and independence.

Basic Personal Care Services

Our ability to take care of ourselves can deeply affect our feelings of dignity and comfort. Sometimes, you may need support to achieve your daily personal care goals.

Respect and compassion are key, and we’ll help with bathing, dressing and grooming. We’ll also assist with toileting and incontinence.

We can keep you on track with your meds so that you always adhere to your prescription. We can give your family regular updates about the progress you’re making.

We’ll provide walking assistance and help implement safety measures to prevent falls. The goal is to make you feel secure in your home through the Redlands NDIS Services we offer.

Compassion and Professionalism

Empowered To Care’s Home Care Services in the Redlands focus on improving health, comfort, and independence at home. Home is where the heart is, and it is important to our health and well-being to feel safe and secure in the familiar surroundings of our own homes.

Experience shows how vital it is to understand that everyone has their own individual and unique needs. We’ve designed our flexible care plans to address those needs with compassion and professionalism.

We believe that listening to what you think is going to work best for you is essential. We take a personalised approach. We work with you to decide the services that are most appropriate for your preferences and needs. Your care plan will be bespoke so that it meets your unique requirements.

NDIS Home Care Services You Can Trust

We’ve developed in-home care, for example, designed to offer daily support in the comfort of your own home. Hospital-to-home care, on the other hand, emphasises the transition from a care facility or hospital back to your home, with intensive help during the most vital period of recovery.

Our highly qualified support workers undergo extensive training to provide specialised care for all types of needs and conditions. Many see their role as a calling.

They also attend regular refresher courses, and we prioritise their ongoing professional development so that you’ll always get the best level of care from our motivated and compassionate team.

Arranging Home Care Services in the Redlands

Your NDIS plan may provide cover for your Home Care Services in the Redlands if deemed necessary to support your well-being and goals. We can help you understand your plan’s funding so that you can get the services you need.

To access our Home Care Services in Redlands, please contact one of our team at Empowered To Care. We will assess your needs, create a personalised care plan, and, working with you, put the necessary support in place.


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