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Location is often the number one consideration for those seeking Supported Independent Living services. For anyone based in southeast Queensland, NDIS services in the Bay Islands can make a world of difference, offering 24/7 support for those with higher needs.
Find out more about the independent living services in the Bay Islands that Empowered To Care has available as we talk you through some of the daily tasks we can help with.

Personal Care and Lifestyle Support

The focus of our Bay Islands NDIS Services is on personal care and lifestyle support. The aim of Supported Independent Living (SIL) at Empowered To Care is for our clients to live life to the full and with maximum independence. So, how does that look in reality, and how can we help you achieve your goals?

  • Personal Hygiene and Grooming

Staying on top of personal grooming and hygiene is integral to a person’s dignity. It can also act as a confidence booster. Our highly trained staff can assist with showering and dressing. This can help those in our care look and feel their best. Our team will also make sure that transfers from wheelchairs to beds or toilets always get carried out in total safety.

Independent Living Services Bay Islands

Those with higher needs may need to consistently adhere to taking meds. Some might struggle with this if we weren’t on hand to offer reminders and provide assistance.

  • Communication and Safety

We’re also there for those occasions when you may have experienced a medical procedure or hospital stay. We provide attentive care to help you recover as quickly as possible. We’ll gladly update family and friends with news about how you are getting along.

Your safety is always our main priority. We’re often able to put measures in place in your home to reduce the likelihood of falls or accidents.

Home Care Services

Bay Islands NDIS Services Include Planning For a Bright Future

We support our participants so that they are as active as possible. We help them build a future within their communities and we can increase a person’s life skills around the home as well. All this can make our participants feel more in control of their surroundings along with how they look.

  • Improvements in Diet and an Exercise Regime

We can come up with a bespoke plan for a healthy diet. We’ll help you to become involved in making meals that promote physical and mental well-being. We complement this by encouraging light exercise and outdoor activities that can lift the mood and raise physical fitness levels.

  • Managing Your Money and Becoming Part of the Community

Some of our participants find budgeting a challenge. We’re on hand to help them manage their finances effectively. Independent Living Services in Bay Islands may also include assistance with booking and attending medical appointments. We offer a range of transport services so you’ll never miss any significant events in your diary.

We’re also there to help participants become involved with recreational and social activities. NDIS services in the Bay Islands can help generate a sense of belonging as participants become part of the wider community.

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Bringing NDIS Services to Bay Islands

We’ve designed a range of NDIS services in the Bay Islands to suit participants with a wide variety of needs. Take control of your future today by getting in touch with Empowered To Care. We have all your Independent Living Services in the Bay Islands covered.

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