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Toowoomba NDIS Services

Empowered to Care is able to offer the full range of supported living services to those in the Garden City of Toowoomba. This means we can provide 24/7 support for anyone with higher support needs.

Our dedicated support workers are on hand to handle all the Toowoomba NDIS services you may need.

Key NDIS Services in Toowoomba

We understand the importance of personal care services working in tandem with lifestyle support to ensure respect, personal growth and development. Safety is central to the Toowoomba NDIS services we offer, and we can action measures to prevent falls and accidents.

Our support workers undergo rigorous training, including first aid, CPR and specialist instruction related to our services. Team members, for example, have the necessary expertise to help individuals move securely from wheelchairs to beds and toilets.

They’ll also ensure all personal hygiene needs are met with dignity. They provide assistance with all aspects of personal grooming to maximise feelings of self-confidence and self-worth.

As well as helping with adherence to taking prescribed medication, the team will focus on keeping family and friends informed with regular updates and status reports. We can also offer care and support at the critical time following a hospital stay.

Home Care Services

Supported Living Services in Toowoomba

Our daily care personal services go hand-in-hand with our lifestyle support services. Together, they promote independence and personal growth. We offer support that can help you reach your goals and exercise control of your own future.

Our Toowoomba NDIS services take a holistic approach for an independent and fulfilling future. The lifestyle support services in our integrated community living option include learning about:

  • Budgeting and managing your finances
  • Nutrition, healthy diets and preparing meals
  • Undertaking house tasks to build a sense of community with others
  • Making appointments with health specialists

These services also aim to improve community access so that individuals can participate in recreational and social activities. We recognise this is key to improving lifestyle choices. We can help with transportation so our clients can attend meaningful activities and events.

Our supported living services in Toowoomba also encourage light exercise and spending time outdoors in the fresh air to promote health and well-being.

To access our Toowoomba NDIS services, you must be an NDIS participant. We can help you through the NDIS application process. We’ll be at your side and develop a plan bespoke to you, your goals and your needs. One of our support coordinators can then assist you in your application to fund your NDIS services in Toowoomba.

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We offer a wide variety of NDIS services in Toowoomba, including meeting your personal care and supported living requirements. We believe in empowering those who use our services. You will have the option to select support workers who match your preferences and needs. We believe this helps enhance your experience, making it as positive and comfortable as possible.

If you or a loved one needs supported living services in Toowoomba, please contact us today to learn how we can help.

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