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At Empowered to Care we are committed to helping people with disabilities in all areas of life, ensuring you get the care you want and deserve. “Your Choice, Your Way, Our Specialty” – Our Supported Independent Living houses, flexibility in CAS and ASC (Community Access, Assist Self-Care) are perfect examples of this. Along with our professional and compassionate Support Staff, our Admin team are dedicated to ensuring your supports are tailored to fit your needs and lifestyle. We believe in empowering individuals with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives by providing these vital supports.

What Is Supported Independent Living?

Commonly referred to as SIL, Supported Independent Living is NDIS-funded support that provides help and/ or supervision of daily tasks to help you live as independently as possible while building your skills. SIL happens in your home – usually in a home you share with other NDIS participants, but can be in a home you reside in by yourself.

What NDIS Services Are Available Within Our SIL Houses:

Empowered To Care offers a range of NDIS services. We strongly believe in empowering NDIS Participants so that they are able to make informed choices about their support and care.

Our individualised core support services include:

  • Supported Independent Living (SIL)
    All of our SIL Houses are located in Walloon, registered SDA, and are built to SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) standards, with open-plan living and a spacious outdoor area. Our staff undergo regular training to continually expand their skillset, and to provide you with the best support possible.
  • Community Access (CAS)
    We offer Community Access Services to our Participants in and out of SIL arrangements. Our friendly team will arrange your community access in accordance with what you would like to participate in within your community. At Empowered to Care we are Participant centred and understand the importance of your right to choice and control.
  • Assist Self Care (ASC)
    We also offer Assist Self Care to our Participants in and out of Supported Independent Living (SIL) arrangements, ensuring comprehensive support tailored to individual needs and preferences. Our Assist Self-Care services empower participants to maintain independence while receiving the necessary assistance for their daily activities, supporting you in achieving your identified goals as stated in your NDIS Care Plan.

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If you would like to enquire about any of our NDIS Services or have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team today!

Phone: 0721118550 or 1800 595 321

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