Personal experience is the key to understanding!

Empowered To Care Ltd was created from personal experience. While raising a daughter with Angelmans Syndrome, mother of four, Christine Saunders, thought. “There must be a better way.”

From that moment Empowered To Care Ltd grew. With a leading approach to self directed care (or family directed care), the company strives to provide personalised support to help individuals meet their goals.

In 2008 there was a situation that shook Christine Saunders, mother of four, to her core. There was an overnight carer for her daughter with Angelmans Syndrome for a few nights. Christine discovered that while the providing company was charging over $800 out of her funding per night, the support worker was only receiving $140 of that.

This brought up many questions but the most obvious was, “Where is the extra funding going?”

It was at that point that Christine started working on the business plan for Empowered To Care. A service that ensures support workers are properly compensated and most importantly the people requiring the support have more choice and control over how supports are delivered.

Our proud history

Our mission and vision

To create a not for profit organization that offers a more affordable flexible care base. The purpose of the business is to strengthen the community involvement in the care of the most vulnerable community members and enable them to manage their direct care. It will also enable care givers to have more control of their service delivery to better suit the client’s needs

The vision is to allow people access to more affordable respite on a community based level. This in turn will create more informal community engagement for individuals. It will give paid care givers more flexibility in how care is delivered to participants. By reducing back room costs more direct services can be delivered, this will inevitably create more personalised care.

Our leadership team

Our management team is highly experienced in delivering exceptional care and support for clients – regardless of age or specific needs.

Primarily everyone involved in management has compassion alongside a level of personal experience.

At Empowered To Care, we strive to deliver leadership in such a way that every member of our community has a say. In both how support is delivered and how to best suit needs in the changing environment provided by the NDIS.

Justyn Rowlinson

Director, Indigenous Liaison Officer

Justyn has studied public health and has unique and personalised approached when it comes to delivering services. He has helped create a culturally sensitive approach for engaging with remote, regional and metro indigenous communities.

Jo-Anne Daley

Director/Secretary, Manager

Jo-Anne has extensive experience in small business creation. She brings developing and marketing skills alongside a fresh way to look at how support can be co-ordinated.

Christine Saunders

Founder, Managing Director

The founder of Empowered To Care. Her extensive background in business, creating employment for long-term disadvantaged and raising a special needs child, has given her the perfect foundation to build the organisation.

Kylie Hughes

Director/Public Officer, Administration Manager

Kylie’s experience as a business owner operator makes her skill set perfect for administration manager. She is currently responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Payroll, Billing and Collection departments.

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